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    Floyd Reloaded LogoThe songs of legendary rock band Pink Floyd are still very actual. To this date. Baby Boomers and younger generations alike love the singular sound of albums such as Wish you were here, Animals and The Wall .What happens, when musicians of different ages bound together by their love of Pink Floyd, realize that times have changed? They bring the songs down from the attic and add a new and fresher spin to them. Floyd Reloaded is a vibrant band and very much in touch with today´s youth and spirit. What would Pink Floyd sound like today if they could come back a younger group? Floyd Reloaded are not out to rehash the past with nostalgia. They revive the Pink Floyd spirit in their concerts with impressive light and videos show as well as a colossal sound driving their audience to relive Pink Floyd's music with great intensity. Floyd Reloaded are not about celebrating Pink Floyd's past but about projecting Pink Floyd into the future.